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Former army veteran now MP warns the Taliban are ‘hunting people down in Kabul and killing them’

1st Sep 21 3:18 pm

Former Army veteran and Tory MP Tom Tugendhat told Good Morning Britain on Wednesday the Taliban are using biometric information which was left behind in Afghanistan to find those who worked for Afghan intelligence and the security services.

He told GMB that the Taliban are “rounding up people” and “hunting them down in Kabul and killing them.”

Tugendhat, the chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee said, “What we are seeing is a slick PR operation masking a vicious death cult.”

Tugendhat slapped down presenter Susanna Reid after her interview with the Taliban’s spokesman Suhail Shaheen and said the West cannot trust them.

He told Reid that her viewers “have just been lied to.” As they are simply “masking a death cult.”

He added, “I’m afraid we’ve just heard a series of frankly dishonest reports.

“It is simply not true, universities are being closed. In Herat, women are being denied access to education, girls are being denied access to education.”

The former Army Lieutenant Colonel who served in Helmand, said, “It’s absolutely clear that groups who make up the Taliban – describe them as you wish, but they’re the fundamental core elements of the Taliban’s combat and government capability – have been rounding up people in Kandahar and hunting them down in Kabul, and killing them.

“I’ve had a report yesterday that, sadly, biometric information that was left behind is now being used to round up or to hunt out people who used to work for the National Directory of Security, our intelligence in Afghanistan.

“Somebody I’m aware of has disappeared after being stopped at a checkpoint.”

Taliban spokesman Dr Suhail Shaheen dismissed claims of reports of retaliatory violence against Afghans who have helped the West, and insisted that any act of violence is the result of people trying to “malign” the Taliban.

Dr Shaheen said, “There is no retaliation, that is our policy.

“We have granted a general amnesty to all those who were working with foreign forces.

“And there is no hit list that is circulated or appears in the media.”

Afghanistan’s former United Nations Ambassador Ghulam M. Isaczai warned that the Taliban have pinned death warnings on the doors of Afghans who helped the British military.

The notes contain orders that they must attend court which is run by the Taliban and if found guilty they will be executed for “working for the crusaders.”

If those Afghans fail to attend court they will be hunted down and executed and the hardline Islamist terror group will also kill anyone who helps them.

Now the US have left Afghanistan the Taliban have full control of Afghanistan those who helped the West will face trial for being the “spy of the infidel” and will be brutally killed.

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