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Taliban to execute those who helped the British military for being the ‘spy of the infidel’

31st Aug 21 1:21 pm

The Taliban have pinned death warnings on the doors of Afghans who helped the British military.

The notes contain orders that they must attend court which is run by the Taliban and if found guilty they will be executed for “working for the crusaders.”

If those Afghans fail to attend court they will be hunted down and executed and the hardline Islamist terror group will also kill anyone who helps them.

Now the US have left Afghanistan the Taliban have full control of Afghanistan those who helped the West will face trial for being the “spy of the infidel” and will be brutally killed.

Naz whose construction firm helped British soldiers build roads in Helmand, who is 34-year-old and a father-of-six, told the Daily Mail, “The letter was official and stamped by the Taliban.

“It is a clear message that they want to kill me.

“If I attend the court, I will be punished with my life.

“If I don’t, they will kill me – that is why I am in hiding, trying to find a way to escape. But I need help.”

Another person who qualified for resettlement to the UK but could not leave Afghanistan worked on the front line in Helmand also faces the death penalty.

Shir told the Daily Mail, “My daughter found the letter on our door with a nail in it.

“It instructed me to surrender myself for the judgment of the court of the Islamic Emirate or they would act like hunters to find me.

“They would then kill me.”

An interpreter for the British Army has been also been told he must face trial and was accused of being a “spy of the infidel” or he will be killed.

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