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Boris Johnson says Christmas lockdown is not ‘on the cards,’ but he said that last year

31st Oct 21 1:49 pm

The Prime Minister has said there is no evidence to suggest that England will see a Christmas lockdown this year, despite more than 1,000 cases per day are being recorded, which echoes what happened last year.

Boris Johnson has insisted the government are sticking to their current plan and said lockdown is not “on the cards.”

He was asked if he can guarantee that Brits will enjoy a good Christmas, with answering the question directly Johnson said, “I see no evidence whatever to think that any kind of lockdown is on the cards.”

Johnson said they are monitoring the situation and stated, “We’re watching the numbers every day. Yes it’s true that cases are high. But they do not currently constitute any reason to go to Plan B.

“I think it’s agreed among absolutely everybody, apart from possibly the Labour Party, so we’re sticking with the plan.”

He added, “I think rather than thinking new restrictions, the best thing everybody can do is get that booster jab as soon as you’re offered it.

“It’s a very important message. I think people don’t quite realise that the first two jabs do start to wane.

“How sad, how tragic it would be if people who had other complications other compromises in their health got seriously ill because they were overconfident about their level of immunity and didn’t get their booster when they needed it.

“So please please please can everybody get their boosters.”

However, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Covid infections in England have now risen to their highest level since January of this year.

Professor Jim Naismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute, and professor of structural biology at the University of Oxford, warned the country is “running very hot.”

He added, “If England has peaked, then other numbers will start to fall. I certainly hope so, 1,000 people every day are ending up in hospital and 1,000 a week dying.

“We are running very ‘hot’.”

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