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Wildfires breakout near to Chernobyl nuclear plant sparking fears ‘the radiation smoke could spread’ across Europe

by LLB political Reporter
22nd Mar 22 11:53 am

The Ukrainian parliament has warned that seven wildfires have broken out near to the defunct Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

According to Ukraine’s State Service of Special Communications, this is “raising worries that the radiation smoke could spread.”

It is “likely” the seven wildfires was “caused by artillery shelling or arson” and the “area is now controlled by Russian troops, raising worries that radiation” could spread across Europe.

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More than 200 staff have been taken hostage at the nuclear power plant by Russian soldiers and have been kept in poor conditions often without food.

On Monday the UN’s nuclear agency said that workers were unable to rotate their shifts for the first time in weeks.

The Ukrainian’s national grid operator Energoatom previously gave a stark warning, if the pumps are not able to cool, then “the temperature in the holding pools will increase, soaring and release of radioactive substances into the environment will occur.

“The wind can transfer the radioactive cloud to other regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Europe.

“In addition, ventilation at the facility will not work.

“All personnel there will receive a dangerous dose of radiation.

“The fire extinguishing system also does not work, and this is a huge risk in the event of a fire that could occur due to a projectile.”

Two weeks ago Russia was accused of planning a “terrorist attack” on Chernobyl nuclear power plant to “blackmail” the “world community” for their “actions to support Ukraine.”

The Ukraine’s intelligence unit warned that the Kremlin are planning to create “a technological catastrophe” and then blame it on the country.

There has been many warnings from Western intelligence agencies that Russia could order a “false flag operation” as they have already done over the past three weeks to use as a pretext for more intervention.

Russian forces have collected dead bodies of Ukrainian soldiers at an airport near the capital to stage an attack, Kyiv’s military intelligence unit said.

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