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Watch: China’s communist regime aggressively round up coronavirus victims

by LLB Reporter
8th Feb 20 2:49 pm

On Friday China’s central government ordered communists officials of all levels to take an active lead in what they call a “wartime condition.”

Those who are suspected to have coronavirus are being dragged out of their homes and sent to quarantine camps, this includes anyone who had close contact of those only being “suspected” to have the virus.

Disturbing and barbaric videos are emerging from China showing people who are only suspected to have coronavirus being dragged by many officials in hazmat suits out of their homes and carried away.

Another video shows many police officers arresting a woman for simply not wearing a face mask in public. It has been reported, but not confirmed, that face masks are running out fast in the city of Wuhan and people are desperate for food, water and other items that they are running out of.

China’s Vice Premier Sun Chunlan has called on a “peoples war” against the coronavirus epidemic and has called on all communist officials to lead this “wartime condition” or face being “nailed onto the pillar of historical shame forever.”

The Vice Premier has demanded that four types of people will be placed into mandatory isolation quarantine camps, or what some are calling it, “camp corona.”

The four types consist of people who are confirmed to have coronavirus, those who are suspected to have the virus, those who have been in close contact with former two and people who have a fever.


The city of Wuhan holds 14m residents, officials ae going door to door for mandatory health checks and those who are thought to be one of the four types will be dragged away to an isolation camp.

Overnight the death toll in China rose by 86 to 722, with more than 34,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Saturday.

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