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This beautiful video shows London in timelapses by 40 photographers

by LLB Reporter
17th Dec 14 11:02 am

Gosh – London can look beautiful sometimes, can’t it?

Our eight million inhabitants scuttling around, making things, doing things, sharing things, while the light from endless different skies falls across the city’s brickwork and bridges, its green parks and skate parks and car parks, its waterways and archways and skyscrapers and marketplaces.

How can you visually capture such a frenetic, kinetic thing as London?

Forty photographers have come together to try, using the medium of timelapse.

LapseLondon is a project orchestrated by Triggertrap, which makes remote controls that turn your smartphone into a timelapse camera.

The project describes itself as “the biggest ever single day crowdsourced timelapse”.

The results are stunning – take a look:

“A still photograph of a city is unnatural by definition,” says TriggerTrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps.

“Stuff never stands still. People move, things move, buses everywhere, taxis everywhere.”

We like his insight.

Here he is with others from the Triggertrap team and photographers who worked on LapseLondon, explaining how the video was put together:

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