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7 things to remember during Christmas party season

by LLB Editor
17th Dec 14 12:32 am

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Whether you’re throwing it, or attending it, the work Christmas bash continues to be the cause of both joy and fear for businesses across the capital. Having recently launched an event space at our Farringdon HQ, we’re certainly in the thick of it at Headspace Group, so thought we’d share we you some of our top tips for the party season.

1. Don’t – take inspiration from your favourite football team

The media was rife with reports last week that QPR player Stephen Caulker was hospitalised in what appeared to be the latest in a string of high profile footballer festivities gone wrong. Remember when Joey Barton stubbed a cigar out on a teammates eye whilst at a Man City Christmas party in 2001? And what about the chaos that ensued at Manchester United’s 2007 bash (from which wives and girlfriends were reportedly barred)? No wonder Harry Redknapp last week described the tradition as “more aggravation than it’s worth.”

2. Don’t  – lose sight of your Christmas spirit

Whatever you believe, you can’t deny that Christmas is meant to be about love, generosity and celebration. So no wonder eyebrows were raised last week when it emerged that Alex Proud, owner of Proud Galleries in Camden, had cancelled one Christmas party booking at his venue as a result of some particularly un-Christmassy enquiries from said booking. When the (anonymous) company in question starting asking questions about the bar’s supposed gay clientele, suggesting that it may need to warn some employees, Mr. Proud politely told them where to go.

3. Don’t – Get Too Drunk

It’s easy to forget your social company when all you really care about is the unlimited supply of good food and free alcohol BUT do be careful with the amount you drink – although your work colleagues will probably have a laugh when you’re singing a loud, off key rendition of “Santa Baby”, I’m not sure that your CEO will be too impressed when you’re hanging off his shoulder, slurring that you’re not a fan of his Christmas jumper and that you really feel you deserve a pay rise.

4. Don’t – get carried away with your dancing:

Need I say more?

5. Do – Dress Appropriately

Did you know that more than 1 in 5 of office workers have completely misread the dress code in the style of Bridget Jones for their work office Christmas party? That’s in the style of this picture in case you’ve forgotten: http://img2-3.timeinc.net/ew/i/2012/09/05/bridget-jones-diary.jpg

A piece of simple advice – Don’t. Do. A. Bridget. Find out what the general dress code is and STICK to it. If anything, play it safe: even if you have the genes of Angeline Jolie, tight sparkly hotpants are generally best avoided!

6. Do – Eat loads of Mince pies

I mean it’s not a HUGE necessity …but it also kind of is. And just for the record, Marks and Spencer’s are very good this year mmmm.

7. Do – Plan your arrangements to go home

With the alcohol flowing and the conversation buzzing, time can fly by and before you know it, there are no cabs available. Don’t forget it’s a very busy time for Work Xmas Parties, so plan your routes home and then you won’t need to worry. No one wants to be that colleague that ended up sleeping in the office.

Jonny Rosenblatt is Managing Director of the Headspace Group, a flexible working and event space in Farringdon, London.

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