Home Business News ‘Sunflower oil has gone up 1,000%’ amid Russia-Ukraine war forcing supermarkets to ration cooking oil across the UK

‘Sunflower oil has gone up 1,000%’ amid Russia-Ukraine war forcing supermarkets to ration cooking oil across the UK

by LLB staff reporter
23rd Apr 22 10:44 am

Supermarkets across the UK are no rationing cooking oils as the Russia-Ukraine war has caused supply chain issues which has seen “sunflower oil” going “up by 1,000%.”

The BBC has reported that Waitrose and Morrisons have rationing customers to just two items each and Tesco is currently allowing three per customer.

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Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland supermarkets, said his shops are having to ration sunflower oil sales to one bottle per customer.

“It is not as frenzied as the toilet roll panic buying from a couple of years ago, and we are managing to maintain an offer,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“But yes, we are limiting purchases and we’ve moved into smaller packs to allow existing stocks in the market to service more customers.”

Walker told Today, “If you look at commodity prices, sunflower oil has gone up 1,000% in terms of the commodity cost in the market, palm oil (up) 400% and then there is things like wheat, 50%, fertiliser, 350%.

“These are all unintended consequences of the war in Ukraine that is affecting supermarkets.”

The British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Tom Holder said rationing is a temporary measure “to ensure availability for everyone.”

Holder added that retailers were “working with suppliers to ramp up production of alternative cooking oils, to minimise the impact on consumers.”

Tesco said in a statement, “We have good availability of cooking oils in stores and online. If a customer is unable to find their preferred oil, we have plenty of alternatives to choose from.

“To make sure all of our customers can continue to get what they need, we’ve introduced a temporary buying limit of three items per customer on products from our cooking oil range.”

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