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Putin urgently stocks up his nuclear bunker with enough food ‘for several years’

by LLB political Reporter
17th Jun 24 9:37 am

Vladimir Putin’s high-tech nuclear bunker is urgently being stocked up with enough food that will last “for several years.”

Putin would be able to control a nuclear war from his high-tech bunker which is being stocked up with enough food and water for up to 300 people.

The nuclear bunker is somewhere in the Altai Mountains, Siberia and the claim comes as Putin has been consistently warning there will be a nuclear war, this is “no bluff.”

On Friday the Russian leader warned that NATO is pushing him to the “point of no return” and he accused the West of “selfishness and hypocrisy” this is leading to a “dangerous turn of events.”

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A source who is loading the food into Putin’s bunker told Pazdnyakov Telegram Channel that “boxes with dry rations, cereals, and canned food” on an enormous scale to Altai Yard.

The source was speaking of the amount of food being delivered, they said, “I have never seen anything like it – imported, expensive,” which is “not” Russian.

The deliveries are taken to a warehouse in the Siberian region and it is then thought that Putin’s security then takes control.

The source said, “We unload the trucks at the warehouse, and then load the cargo into other trucks.

“The drivers on those trucks are definitely not ordinary long-distance drivers. They are strictly dressed, their faces are serious. I’m telling you these are definitely not ordinary drivers…..They don’t make contact [with us].”

The source claimed that they do not disclose where the supplies are heading too.

The source added, “According to my calculations, in a month we loaded and reloaded canned food and cereals, enough for several years of tireless life, for at least 200-300 people.”

On Friday the Russian despot told Foreign Ministry officials, “Calls to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, which possesses the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons demonstrate the extreme recklessness of Western politicians.

“They either do not understand the scale of the threat they are creating – or are simply obsessed with their own sense of impunity and exceptionalism.

“Both can lead to tragedy.”

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