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Russia warns France over the ‘possibility of a direct confrontation’

by LLB political Reporter
13th Jun 24 4:23 pm

Russian Foreign Ministry has fired a warning shot to Paris that they are too deeply involved in the Ukrainian war.

The Russian ministry warned France of the possibility of a direct confrontation” which comes as the French President has announced they will send “Mirage 2000 fighter jets to Ukraine.”

Emmanuel Macron also announced he will send military instructors to Ukraine after and they will visit training centres soon.

Russia’s ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova issued a warning to French citizens that Macron has become to “deeply involved” and said there could be direct confrontation.

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Zakharova added, “France is becoming deeply involved in the armed conflict in Ukraine, consistently shifting any notion of assistance towards undermining the situation, and, of course, bringing closer the possibility of a direct confrontation with our country.

“And this is fraught with unpredictable consequences for security not only in Europe but also in the world.

Macron warned allies in March that we are “approaching a moment in our Europe” and he urged allies “not to be a coward” as now is the time to step up to the mark in Ukraine.

Macron said last week that “all options are possible” in Ukraine, but “we’re not in that situation today.”

The French ground army chief of staff General Pierre Schill has published a statement on Tuesday that his forces “is ready” for “the toughest engagements.”

In an op-ed in the French newspaper Le Monde, Schill said, “However the international situation may evolve, French people can be certain that their soldiers stand ready to respond.”

“To protect itself from any attack and to defend its interests, the French army is preparing for even the toughest engagements,” he added.

The Kremlin has warned that if European troops are sent to Ukraine that it will be “inevitable” there will be conflict with NATO.

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