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Russian forces prepare ‘full nuclear strike on the West’ in drills

by LLB political Reporter
13th Jun 24 10:08 am

Russian naval forces are practising nuclear strikes on the West and Ukraine using electronic ballistic missiles from land and sea.

The non-strategic nuclear drills were undertaken from the sea as if it is a real life scenario and Russian naval officials were seen pressing the nuclear button to hit a target.

On Monday the Russian Defence Ministry announced that the second stage of tactical nuclear drills has started.

Russia and Belarus are holding joint nuclear drills and Belarusian soldiers will undergo training to maintain the “readiness” for a nuclear war breaking out.

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In the Leningrad Military District in northwest Russia a land based mobile crew were loading a nuclear capable mobile short-range ballistic missiles into an Iskander.

The Kremlin’s defence ministry said in a statement, “The second phase of drills involving Russia’s non-strategic nuclear forces included electronic missile launches by rocket units and naval patrol operations.

“During the second phase of the exercises, personnel from the rocket division of the Leningrad Military District practised covert movement to designated positions and conducted electronic missile launches at simulated enemy targets.

“Additionally, Navy crews involved in the exercise deployed to their assigned patrol areas. Earlier, tasks were completed for receiving special training ammunition for arming sea- and land-based missile carriers.”

On Tuesday the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement, “In accordance with the decision of the president of the Russian Federation, the second stage of the drills of tactical nuclear forces has begun,” with Belarus and Russian forces for the use of tactical nuclear weapons for combat.

The statement added, “The military exercise intends to maintain the readiness of personnel and hardware from Russia and Belarus’ tactical nuclear weapons combat units in order to ensure the Union State’s unconditional sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Last month Vladimir Putin deployed nuclear weapons which was shown on Russian TV that showed footage of Russian forces deploying a Tu-22M3 long-range bomber along with a Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

Footage also shows Russian forces with an Iskander mobile short-range ballistic missile system which can launch conventional and nuclear weapons.

Putin ordered the first stage of military exercises on the Ukrainian border over comments made by the West which has been seen as an escalation against the Russian Federation.

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