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PM wins Brexit backstop support here’s what the papers say

by Sarah Dunsby
30th Jan 19 9:26 am

The prime minister, Theresa May won the MPs vote Tuesday evening in a dramatic victory, now May will take the Backstop victory back to Brussels.

The Daily Mail’s leader column says, “Just when it seemed Parliament was drowning inexorably in a quagmire of its own indecision, a majority of MPs has finally managed to agree a coherent Brexit strategy.”

The Times headline says, “May unites Tories behind fresh talks with Brussels,” however the EU has said they will not reopen talks.

The newspaper says, “For nearly two years Brussels has been pleading with the British government to set out what it wants from a Brexit deal. Last night parliament complied.

“It (EU) may calculate that Britain has most to lose from no deal, given that it is the UK that will face the undoubted disruption of exiting the legal arrangements that underpin its security and commercial relationships with the EU and much of the rest of the world.

“But Brussels stands to lose too, not just in terms of damage to its own trade and security co-operation with Britain, but also through the prospect of a deep rupture with a close partner and neighbour.”

The Guardian says there could be future problems, as EU leaders are refusing to negotiaite over the withdrwal agreement.

The Mirror say’s Mays’ deal is “back from the dead. For now.” Journalist, Kevin Maguire for the Mirror wrote, “This is phantom politics from a figure devalued faster than the pound.

“She has ignored firm replies of no, non and nein.

“We learned May’s word is worthless, with this about her survival, not Britain’s.”

The Sun newspaper said that May has the “wind in her sails,” and added “Backstop from the brink.”

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