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NATO could be dragged into war ‘in the near future’ as Russia’s national security is under ‘threat’ amid Lithuania’s blockade

21st Jun 22 2:31 pm

Moscow have said that they will take direct action against Lithuania “in the near future” as Russia’s national security is under “threat” after the NATO country blocked EU sanctioned goods from entering the country to reach Kaliningrad.

The West has been accused of playing with fire over the ban and Vladimir Putin’s barking dog said that all trust is now gone between them and the Kremlin.

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Moscow has warned that they will retaliate which will have “a serious negative impact on the Lithuanian population” following the ban on goods being able to reach the Russian exclave which has sparked panic with Russians in Kaliningrad.

Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev warned on Tuesday that Moscow will respond very shortly to Lithuania’s move to block deliveries of goods from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad.

Interfax cited Patrushev who is a former KGB spy, as saying, “Russia will certainly respond to such hostile actions.

“Relevant measures are being worked out in the interdepartmental format and will be taken in the near future.

“Their consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania.”

A retired Russian general Evgeny Buzhinsky has strongly urged Putin to send nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad because of the EU sanctions and warned that by stopping goods from being transported this poses a serious “threat” to Russia’s national security.

If Putin places one boot in Lithuania and attacks the alliance member state, then this will be seen as an act of war against NATO.

Buzhinsky, told state-owned Russian television channel Russia 1, this situation is “deeply serious,” and he believes the West has ulterior motives.

He said, “This is a long game to push us out from the Baltic Sea, an attempt to block and cut Kaliningrad off, and finally take it away from us.”

Buzinsky added, that the West has intended to “block Kaliningrad economically, completely, until our people howl from destitution.”

He then warned that Putin must “disavow the 1991 recognition of Lithuania, disavow the agreement with the EU on Lithuania, including on their borders, then switch Lithuania off from energy.

“And then finally we must take military measures.”

He has told the Kremlin they must now take control of the Suvalkovsky corridor – the supply route across Lithuania from Russian and their ally, Belarus.

“We need to demonstratively move nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad… We’ve got to do something. We’ve got to strengthen our military presence at the border with Lithuania as we did in December last year, and January this year at the border with Ukraine.

“Tell the Americans, first via confidential channels, that they are playing with fire.

“You guys will actually play to the point that Russia won’t stop, because this is a threat to our national security, an attempt on our sovereign territory.

“The world will feel it. Ukrainian grain will feel like a joke compared to our decisive steps.”

Putin’s Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned all trust has now evaporated, he told MSNBC, “Relations between Russia and the West will not be back to the previous level, because Moscow will never again trust such ‘partners.’

“It will be a lengthy crisis, but we will never trust the West again.”

A Russian Senator Andrey Klimov warned this is “direct aggression against Russia, literally forcing us to immediately resort to proper self-defence.”

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