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MPs blast the ‘dishonest government’ as the idea the public won’t see the Sue Gray report in full is ‘clearly not very satisfactory’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
31st Jan 22 1:24 pm

Downing Street has been given the Sue Gray report today and there are no guarantees that the full dossier will be made public.

Downing Street was asked on Monday afternoon if the Gray report will be published in full after it was confirmed that today an “update” will be given.

Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said, “Obviously we will need to consider what might be appropriate and we are discussing with the Cabinet Office team in due course about what might be appropriate, but at the moment it is unclear how the ongoing Met Police investigation might interact with any further work on that.

“But obviously it’s something we will want to keep under review.”

He was asked if the public will see a fuller report after Scotland Yard’s investigation, the spokesman said, “That’s one of the things I can’t confirm at this point simply because we need to discuss that with the Met and others about what is suitable.”

The spokesman was then asked if the Gray report will be published as it was given to No.10, he said, “We will publish it as received.”

The spokesman also said that he cannot confirm it the redacted details of the Gray report will ever be published.

“We can confirm that Sue Gray has provided an update to the prime minister,” the spokesperson said.

“The findings will be published on gov.uk and made available in the House of Commons library this afternoon and the prime minister will then provide a statement to the House after people have had the opportunity to read and consider the findings.”

He was then asked why the release has been characterised as an “update,” he said, “It’s a reflection of the fact there is an ongoing police investigation and the Met have been clear about what their expectations are about what can or cannot be put in the public domain while that’s ongoing.”

The Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey accused Downing Street of “backpedaling” the full release of the report and said its “disgraceful as it is predictable.”

Sir Ed added, “This whole shambolic and dishonest government must be brought down. Boris Johnson must confirm that the full report will be published as soon as possible.

“Every day it is delayed prolongs the pain for the millions across the country who just want answers and for justice to be done.”

Labour MP Afzal Khan said simply that it is “not good enough” that Downing Street cannot guarantee parts of the report will not be published.

The former Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve, told Sky News the idea we won’t see the Gray report in full is “clearly not very satisfactory.”

Grieve added, “The public and parliamentarians have a right to expect to see the full report, I’ve no doubt at all that Sue Gray in preparing the full report will ensure that it could be published without any difficulties of identification for example.

“We ought to have the full report and it is regrettable that we’re going to have a situation this afternoon where parliamentarians are going to be questioning the Prime Minister when they don’t have the full facts before them.”

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