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Macron threatens UK with ‘retaliation’ over Jersey fishing post-Brexit rights

10th May 21 2:34 pm

Earlier this month France threatened that they will cut the power to Jersey over post-Brexit rights which saw two Royal Navy vessels off the coast of St Helier.

Emmanuel Macron’s spokesman said the French government are ready to “retaliate” should the British government continue to break the Withdrawal Agreement.

Gabriel Attal, the French government’s official, told Dimanche en politique, a political TV show on France 3, “Tomorrow we will have new discussions between members of the French government, such as Annick Girardin and Clement Beaune, with the European commissioners and our British counterparts to enforce the agreement.

“Obviously, retaliatory measures are possible. We hope the agreement will be respected in the days and weeks to come.”

Last Wednesday the French Maritime Minister, Annick Girardin threatened of the potential electricity cuts, “We are ready to use these retaliation measures.

“Europe, France has the means, that’s written in the deal.

“With regards to Jersey, I would remind you, for example, of electricity transmission by underwater cable.
“So, we have the means. Even if I would regret getting to that point, we will if we have to.”

Attal said in response to the threat, “What Annick Girardin said is what we all say to the government, that we want the agreement to be respected.

“If the agreement is not respected, there will be possible retaliatory measures.

“We don’t want to go as far as a power cut, but everything is possible.

“Obviously, when someone doesn’t want to respect its part of the agreement, everything is possible.

“Today, that’s not what we want because we want the agreement to be respected.

“I’m optimistic and I believe in the capacity to make them respect this agreement with the help of the European Commission.”

Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondre who is the head of Jersey’s government said there had been “very good discussions” with officials from the protests that took place last week.

He said that the protestors has raised many issues which can “very easily” be resolved, and further talks are to take place to resolve the French fishing row.

However, the French government slammed the British government over their “failiure” to stick to the trade agreement, and warned they will “use all the leverage” at their disposal to protect French fishing.

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