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Leaked Brexit letter warns of 7,000 trucks queuing in Kent

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
23rd Sep 20 8:29 am

A leaked government Brexit document warns that there will be 7,000 trucks queuing after the Brexit transition period ends, in a worst-case scenario.

Michael Gove MP who is responsible for no-deal planning wrote to logistic companies outlining the “reasonable worst-case scenario,” which warns of a possibility of a two-day delay for travelling into France.

The Cabinet Office stressed that this is not a “forecast” in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

“This could lead to maximum queues of 7,000 port bound trucks in Kent and associated maximum delays of up to two days,” the documents said.

In his letter, Gove said, “Irrespective of the outcome of negotiations between the UK and EU, traders will face new customs controls and processes.

“Simply put, if traders, both in the UK and EU, have not completed the right paperwork, their goods will be stopped when entering the EU and disruption will occur.

“It is essential that traders act now and get ready for new formalities.”

Responding to the worst-case scenario document, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said on Thursday, “We’ve been consistently warning the Government that there will be delays at ports but they’re just not engaging with industry on coming up with solutions.

“Traders need 50,000 more customs intermediaries to handle the mountain of new paperwork after transition but Government support to recruit and train those extra people is woefully inadequate.

“The answers to the questions that we raised in our letter to Mr Gove and subsequent roundtable meeting last Thursday still remain unanswered – and our concern continues to grow.”

A UK Government spokesman said: “With just 100 days to go until the end of the transition period it’s vital that businesses prepare now for new rules that will come into force at the end of the year, so that they can hit the ground running on January 1 2021 and seize new opportunities.

“As a responsible Government we continue to make extensive preparations for a wide range of scenarios, including the reasonable worst case.

“This is not a forecast or prediction of what will happen but rather a stretching scenario.”

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