Home Business News In just one province in China more than 88 million infected with Covid and are allowed to travel who are ‘knowingly infecting people’

In just one province in China more than 88 million infected with Covid and are allowed to travel who are ‘knowingly infecting people’

by LLB Politics Reporter
9th Jan 23 1:52 pm

Since China has dropped their zero-Covid policy many people have reportedly died and crematoriums are burning hundreds a day.

Relatives in Qingdoa have taken to social media warning there is a “tsunami” of cases, and the epidemic has been labelled “extremely serious.”

Chinese social media platform Weibo claims that all crematoriums in Qingdao, which is one of the largest cities in China are burning around 200 bodies every day.

Provincial official Kan Quancheng warned that in China’s third most populous province, Henan more than 88.5 million who have been infected with Covid.

He said that the vast majority of the infections occurred in the past few weeks in Henan, which peaked on 19 December “after which it showed a continuous downward trend,” the BBC reported.

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Data analysis firm, Airfinity who compile figures, have grimly predicted that the death toll will peak in 10 days-time, which could result in around 25,000 deaths in China every day.

The former CIA chief Mike Pompeo has recently criticised China’s lack of transparency over their Covid epidemic and claims China is supposedly trying to infect the world.

Pompeo recently said, “There is no reason we should allow the Chinese to do this again, to send Chinese-infected persons around the world, knowingly infecting people all across the globe.”

He added, “Xi [Chinese President] got away with this once.

“I regret he wasn’t held accountable.

“We should still do that for the 6 million people who died between the spring of 2020 and today.”

A translation of the post by Airfinity said, “The epidemic in Qingdao is extremely serious, like a tsunami…

“Several of my relatives in Qingdao have all fallen ill, and the children have a fever… This is true of my classmates, friends, and neighbours.

“It is said that 99% of people in some government agencies are unable to go to work.”

According to the much-respected British Medical Journal (BMJ), China has “effectively” stopped counting Covid cases and deaths.

In a December a funeral shop owner told journalists crematoriums had been overwhelmed by bodies of those who have died from Covid.

The funeral shop owner said, “They work day and night, but they can’t burn them all.”

However according to official data in Beijing, out of 1.4 billion who live in China, only 120,000 have been infected, with just 30 deaths, they claim.

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