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Give your London home an industrial smooch, darling!

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Oct 23 1:29 pm

Industrial decor is the controversial darling of interior design – you either love or loathe it, yet who could resist its charming combination of exposed brickwork, steel beams, and reclaimed furniture? Much like London itself it embodies this blend of old and new with history and character – what could be better to complement London home than giving your London space some industrial flair!

Industrial decor – Unmasking the beauty

Let’s step back from behind the curtains and unveil all its glory, shall we? At its heart lies celebrating raw architecture that stands the test of time. Brick walls, distressed wood and exposed ductwork take the spotlight in this interior – a stark contrast from the more conservative aesthetic of traditional interiors – but that is precisely its charm! It’s like walking along Shoreditch or South Bank streets; every corner speaks its own tale from years past. Metal is unquestionably a key feature in industrial decor; iron, steel, copper and aluminium can all be seen used throughout fixtures, furniture and accessories that fit this aesthetic. Furthermore, open floor plans with high ceilings are part of what defines its appeal. Industrial style decor aims to evoke a sense of freedom and movement reminiscent of London streets outside your window, much like how they appear from within your own home. Keep in mind, however, that industrial isn’t about perfection; rather it embraces authenticity and character by celebrating imperfections with style! Embracing worn-out charm while giving nods backward while looking forward firmly. So are you ready to give your London home that industrial makeover? Be daring; dare differently; let your home tell its own unique tale!

Exposed brick wall – the heart of industrial chic

Exposed brickwork is more than a mere decorative element; it forms the soul and beating heart of industrial chic aesthetic. Think of it like London itself: full of character and raw charm. Brick walls add texture and warmth to any space while telling their own unique tale. From Tower Bridge and Shard to River Thames and double-decker bus, exposed brickwork is an iconic symbol of London that tells an essential tale about our identity as citizens. Exposed brickwork creates the story behind it all; don’t overlook these brick walls’ tale! These walls are an artful canvas of the building’s history and past; proudly showing their scars, imperfections, and past lives. That alone should make us take note. In an age when perfection seems like an unattainable goal – these unapologetically authentic walls stand tall as an authentic testament. Add some flair with some framed art or vintage mirrors; or leave them as is to let their charm do the talking for them – London truly does live here.

Steel and iron elements – The backbone of industrial style

Ah, steel and iron elements – unheralded heroes of industrial aesthetic. These robust materials form the backbone of our beloved London, from historic iron bridges spanning the River Thames to modern steel skyscrapers dotting its skyline. Steel and iron elements add an essential dash of architectural drama and raw, undiluted character to home interiors. Consider steel-framed windows bringing city life right into your living room or exposed iron beams that wear their age with pride. Consider incorporating a wrought iron staircase for dramatic entrance or steel kitchen islands for unapologetic industrial statements into your space. An industrial clothes rail could make for the perfect wardrobe addition while floor-to-ceiling steel shelving units could house your most cherished possessions. These elements, with their incredible durability and distinct visual appeal, serve as constant reminders of London’s industrial past – embrace them now to add some grit and London charm into your spaces – complexity in simplicity is the goal here!

Lighting – illuminating London with industrial charm

What sets industrial lighting apart is its ability to simultaneously illuminate and elevate a space. Be it an exposed bulb light fixture in your bedroom or an iconic warehouse pendant lamp hanging over your dining table, industrial lighting adds rawness and grit that adds character and charm. So let London shine bright with industrial charm by replacing boring ceiling fixtures with vintage-inspired industrial lights!

Reclaimed wood furnishings – History in your halls

Steel and iron may make great furniture pieces, but why not add warmth into the mix with the rustic charm of reclaimed wood furnishings. Imagine all of its tales! Warehouse crates to ship decks – these pieces have lived past lives, making them the ideal additions for an industrial-inspired London home makeover. An attractive, sturdy dining table made of reclaimed wood serves as the backdrop to family get-togethers, while an aged bookshelf adds charm and history to your study space. Creasing, staining and faded colour are just love letters from history! Make your home part of it by inviting visitors in who will fall in love with its charms; that way your guests can experience first-hand that this truly is London style living! No one could resist opening their door and telling their tale “welcome to my London story, as seen through an industrial lens!” This will ensure a unique experience! Combine strength with heritage for industrial style perfection!

Concrete accents – Strength and simplicity

While some may perceive concrete to be cold and uninviting, its incorporation can actually add modern elegance into your London home’s decor. Concrete coffee tables make an eye-catching statement in any living room, their rough finish offering a contrast against soft fabrics and plusher elements. Conversely, pairing a concrete kitchen island with stylish bar stools creates a minimalist aesthetic that’s both practical and fashionable. After all, who says concrete only belongs underfoot? Concrete wall clocks or planters add an understated charm, imparting a modern industrial vibe without overwhelming a space. Concrete may be hard wearing but when it comes to style it’s far more adaptable – just add a dash here, a sprinkle there and your London home has been given some industrial chic!

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

Conclusion: Are you ready to pluck up, darling?

Giving your London home an industrial makeover doesn’t just involve following a trend; rather it means celebrating its history while creating something fresh and innovative in terms of decor. So are you ready to pucker up and give it the industrial smooch it deserves?

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