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Three helpful tips for getting your London home sold

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26th Aug 21 1:03 pm

If you’re ready to sell your London home, you know you’re in for a stressful wild ride! From selecting the right agent to help to sell the house fast and coming up with an asking price to thinking about where you’ll move next, you will have your hands full.

The fact that you may need to move to a different city is overwhelming at best, but tensions will rise if your property doesn’t sell fast enough to the right buyer. To help combat selling fatigue, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Choose your agent wisely

There are probably over a dozen agents in your locality alone, but it’s important to choose someone with success selling local properties. From high-end names to hidden Internet gems, there are agents available in a myriad of price points. The two most important things to consider are the agent’s success rates and the pricing of their services.

During your initial searching phase, bear in mind that a more expensive agent will cut into your own profits overall. That’s not to say price should solely determine the agent you hire, but it does play an integral role.

In fact, when not thinking about price, success rates are perhaps even more important. How successful an agent is at selling properties will determine how long your home sits on the market. When researching, look at the local sales success rates as well as how much funding they invest into promotional materials and advertising.

2. Competitive pricing is key

London is still one of the highest demand cities in the world, and if you’re a property owner there, it could mean a decent profit for you after selling your home. However, it is important to remain realistic about how much your home is actually worth. Many locals have an inflated idea of the worth of their homes and will price them well above average market value. You can make a quick sale if you price your home competitively, or more to the point, sell it for what it’s actually worth. As a side note, never feel like you have to sell your home below its worth, just remain aware of the market trends in your locality.

3. Know the strong points of your property

Even if you’re using an agent to sell your property, you may wish to stick around for showings. This would also mean an additional opportunity to find out what London buyers are looking for and consider the ways that your property checks those boxes. In short, make sure to play up the positive points of your home such as being close to commuting options, nightlife, fancy restaurants or desirable schools.

The potential buyers viewing your property will only see the aesthetics of your home. However, if you can highlight features that make your property stand out from competitors, buyers will see it differently. Work with your agent directly, and if someone asks a question, remain knowledgeable and thorough.

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