Home Business News Experts believe Putin is mentally unwell as long periods of isolation has fuelled his ‘paranoia’

Experts believe Putin is mentally unwell as long periods of isolation has fuelled his ‘paranoia’

by LLB Reporter
28th Feb 22 10:27 am

Experts believe that the Russian President Vladimir Putin is mentally unwell as he spent long periods over the past two years in his bunker during Covid and there are reports he is suffering from “brain fog” caused by long Covid.

They believe that by Putin spending long periods in isolation could have fuelled his “paranoia” and “bunker mentality” and he has had far too much time “stewing in his own fears,” the experts warn.

Putin’s closest contact are being forced to produce faecal samples to check for infections and his inner circle are being ordered to self isolate for two weeks before he will meet with them.

US senator Marco Rubio suggested he is mentally unwell, the Florida Republican wrote on Twitter, “I wish I could share more, but for now I can say it’s pretty obvious to many that something is off with #Putin.

“He has always been a killer, but his problem now is different & significant. It would be a mistake to assume this Putin would react the same way he would have 5 years ago.”

Andrey Kortunov, head of the Russian International Affairs Council, told the BBC the Russian President’s decision to invade Ukraine even “surprised and shocked” Putin’s own senior officials as they are “devastated to see what is happening.”

Tatiana Stanovaya, who has worked for leading Moscow-based think tanks, warned that the dictator no longer asks for advice and now “sets tasks and demands and they are implemented.”

She told The Times newspaper, “He has withdrawn into himself during the past two years. He has become distanced from the bureaucratic machinery, from the establishment, from the elite.”

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