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Dominic McGregor hails value of personal profile for early success of Fearless Adventures, as £100m requested in funding

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6th Jan 22 10:20 am

Fearless Adventures, the new investment firm co-founded by former Social Chain COO, Dominic McGregor, has received a collective request for £100 million in funding within its first 24 hours of launch, thanks to the help of personal branding agency, Great Influence.

Co-founded with business partners, David Newns and Charlie Yates, Fearless Adventures was established in October 2021 to provide a ‘one stop shop’ of support and funding services for direct-to-consumer businesses across the UK.

Launched within 18 months of Dominic’s exit from Social Chain – now one of the World’s most renowned social media agencies with revenue in excess of €620 million – the former COO appointed leading personal branding agency, Great Influence, to strengthen his profile as an influential entrepreneur ahead of launching the new D2C investment fund.

Briefed to resonate with a wide target audience and champion the North-West business community, the Great Influence team worked closely with Dominic to set his name aside from Social Chain and position him as an authoritative business leader. Within just 12 months, the team have successfully increased Dominic’s social media following by 267% and generated more than 45 million content views.

As a result, Dominic has recently been appointed by UK Government to help increase engagement with young people via digital channels and has received an incredible response to the launch of Fearless Adventures – with £100 million requested in funding from over 250 start-ups within just 24 hours of launch.

Believing the early success of the business to be synonymous with his growth in personal profile, Dominic said: “I have known Ash Jones, founder of Great Influence, for many years, as not only was he one of our founding members of Social Chain, but as Marketing Director, he was initially responsible for creating the personal branding strategy for my co-founder, Steven, which helped us obtain a lot of new business during the early years of Social Chain.

On exiting the agency, I knew that I needed to build my own personal profile as a credible entrepreneur ahead of launching my next business and following the success of the initial strategy, have been nothing but overwhelmed with the response to Fearless Adventures. As investors, our purpose is to help scale 15 direct-to-consumer businesses within the next 3 years, and in being able to reach more people via my social media profile, I am confident we will be able to achieve this at a faster rate than initially anticipated.”

Headquartered in Manchester, Fearless Adventures is aiming to close 10 investments by the end of 2021.

Ash Jones, founder of Great Influence, added: “In recent years, the correlation between an influential personal profile and business success has increased dramatically and more and more CEOs and entrepreneurs have started to understand and benefit from this link.

Having known and worked with Dominic for many years, the Great Influence team and I were delighted to be able to support him in his exit of Social Chain and now with the launch and early success of Fearless Adventures. He is an excellent advocate for the business community, and we look forward to continuing to build his profile and influence over the coming months.”

Established in 2018, Great Influence specialises in working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other influential high-profile individuals to grow and develop their own positive personal brand through social media.

Working with successful CEOs, like Julian Hearn, Founder of Huel, Oliver Cookson, Founder of My Protein, and Umar Kamani, Founder of Pretty Little Thing, Great Influence has grown by 300% during 2021 and is forecast to achieve a 7-figure revenue within the next 12 months.

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