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Crucial Madeleine McCann information comes forward over disappearance

by LLB Reporter
12th Jun 20 3:44 pm

Crucial information has come forward which could solve the 13-year mystery over Madeleine McCann.

Christian B who is the prime suspect in the McCann case has now been linked to another vehicle which he owned at the time of her disappearance.

The paedophile was driving a battered Volkswagen estate car at the time she went missing, which police did not know about previously.

The ex-girlfriend has revealed fresh evidence over the third vehicle he owned, which he had in mid-2005.

He owned a black Jaguar but had never bought the campervan that police have published.

In a police interview she gave detectives crucial leads over the prime suspect including his associates in Portugal and Germany and the remote beaches he took her too.

She said, “Towards the end of our relationship he had another car as well as the Jaguar. I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere.

“It was a Volkswagen. I don’t remember the model. It was a dirty, yellowy, mustardy kind of colour. It was an old one and was long.

“I heard he still had it around the time Madeleine disappeared, along with the Jaguar.

“I think I told the Portuguese police all about the cars but I can’t be sure about the estate.

“When I spoke to the Portuguese police I tried to help as much as I could but Portuguese isn’t my first language.

“I’d be happy to talk to British police about it – maybe it could help their case and solve what happened to Madeleine?

“Chris loved his cars, especially his Jaguar. It was his pride and joy. It was very clean and he drove it carefully.

“He used to drive to Sagres and back, he loved that drive, sometimes with me, sometimes on his own.”

She told police that she would spent many nights him, she said, “I never lived with him but I often stayed over though.

“His house was okay, it was old but he kept it tidy and clean. It had one bedroom.

“I’ve seen the photos and instantly recognised the big tree trunk in the middle of the room.”

The ex-girlfriend who wishes not to be named, claims that Christian B broke into apartments and on one occasion hid under a bed.

The British mum said that she and her friends suspected him of burgling houses and businesses in Praia da Luz.

She said, “He was always bringing expensive things back to the house. Computers, cameras, things like that.

“I didn’t ask where he got them from. I remember my friend and I wondering if they were stolen.

“We said we think he might be involved in some illegal business because he seems to have money, but we don’t know where it comes from.

“Maybe selling stolen property, nothing too big.

“He also used to collect golf balls because his property was near the golf course and then sell them to the players.”

She added, “He came to Portugal with a German girl. He said they grew up in a children’s home together.

“She left him for someone else. He said to me once that if he ever found her, he would kill her.

“It made me think, ‘If he said that about her, what would he do to me if I left him?’

“He said he grew up in the children’s home. He said he had a sad childhood.

“He used to hang around with a girl from the hippy village, Barao de Sao Joao, who sold flowers.

“I don’t have any photos of him. I used to, but I hated him so much because of what he did to me I destroyed everything.

“It’s scary and weird to be embroiled in this case now. It scares me because he was obviously into things that I had no idea about.

“I have a quiet life here. I start to imagine what if he knows people, criminals, who could hurt me.

“I worry and overthink, what if he comes after me? That’s my fear and that’s why I don’t want my identity revealed.

“I just want to protect my family.”

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