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British troops are preparing to head to Estonia and NATO sending troops to Russian border as ‘optimism’ fades

by LLB political Reporter
27th Jan 22 3:47 pm

British troops are preparing to leave for Estonia to bolster NATO defences as the Kremlin has said “there is little ground for optimism.”

The British government has confirmed that UK troops will be sent to Eastern Europe and Baltic countries.

On Thursday the Slovakian government announced that they are considering to send more troops to patrol their eastern border.

The Kremlin has warned that there is “little ground for optimism” that talks with the US can produce a solution, which has now led to NATO making further moves of more troops.

Russia has more than 130,000 troops and heavy military hardware on the Ukrainian border and also in Belarus.

US secretary of state Anthony Blinkenwas asked about how far Washington will be willing to go to appease Vladimir Putin on NATO expansion, he said “there is no change, there will be no change.”

Kremlin spokesperson said he is not hopeful talks would be fruitful but added, “There always are prospects for continuing a dialogue, it’s in the interests of both us and the Americans.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who is Putin’s top diplomat, said that the US response could lead to “the start of a serious talk on secondary issues.”

Lavrov added, the “document contains no positive response on the main issue,” namely the moratorium on Ukraine membership with NATO and scaling back military assets near Russia’s border.

The British Defence secretary Ben Wallace has confirmed that he is due to hold talks with his counterpart in Moscow.

Wallace has said that he “is not optimistic” a Russian invasion in to the Ukraine can be averted.

US President Joe Biden is considering to send up to 50,000 troops to help the Ukraine should Russian troops invade.

As Europe braces for the imminent all out war in the Ukraine Biden warned that “it would be the largest invasion since World War Two.”

NATO has stepped up the build up of troops and are sending additional war ships and fighter jets in Eastern Europe in response.

The British Prime Minister’s official spokesman warned there were “further signs of Russian aggression” on Ukraine’s border and that “the West is, we are, ready to act if needed.”

Prime Minister delivered a statement to the House of Commons on Tuesday that the British Army are ready to “lead” a fight against Russia should they invade Ukraine.

Johnson gave Vladimir Putin a grim warning that “many Russian sons won’t be coming home” as there are fears of an imminent invasion in the Ukraine.

The Prime Minister told MPs on the Commons, “The British Army leads the NATO battle group in Estonia.

“If Russia invades Ukraine, we [UK] would look to contribute to any new NATO deployments to protect our allies in Europe.”

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