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Boris ordered to ‘sit down’ by a furious Speaker at PMQs which has been branded as ‘disgusting’ and ‘embarrassing’

17th Nov 21 4:04 pm

In what was a an extremely tense Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday, a furious Speaker of the House of Commons ordered Boris Johnson to “sit down.”

PMQs descended into a total farce and was branded “embarrassing” and “disgusting” during a series of bad tempered exchanges.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was accused by Johnson in the Commons of misconduct sparking a fierce uproar and said “Mish-conduct” in reference to Sir Keir being linked to law firm Mishcon de Reya.

Making false accusation is completely against the rules in the House of Commons.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle the Speaker of the House of Commons repeatedly interjected with Johnson and ordered him to reject false allegations against the Labour leader.

Johnson later said in the Commons, “talking of cover ups,

“I’m sorry Mr Speaker, but we have not heard why the honourable gentleman has,” and was then cut off by the Speaker.

Sir Lindsay who was clearly rattled told Johnson, “I don’t want to fall out about it, I’ve made it very clear, it is Prime Minister’s Questions, it’s not for the Opposition to answer your questions.

This is PMQs. We play by the rules here, don’t we?

“Stop disrespecting the House.

“Whether we like it or not those are the rules of the game that we’re all into and we play by the rules, don’t we?

“And we respect this House, so let’s respect the House.”

Johnson then attempted to again raise issues over Sir Keir, then Sir Lindsay shouted, “Prime Minister, sit down. I’m not going to be challenged, you may be the Prime Minister of this country but in this House I’m in charge.”

The Speaker added, “I don’t think this has done this House any good today. I’ll be quite honest, I think it’s been ill-tempered, I think it shows the public that this House has not learnt from the other week, I need this House to gain respect but it starts by individuals showing respect for each other.”

Senior SNP MP Pete Wishart said: “The Prime Minister embarrassing himself in only the way he can. The days of spectacularly unfunny faux-buffoonery is most definitely coming to an end.”

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