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Belarus ‘attack aircraft’ now have ‘nuclear armed weapons’ which comes as NATO doubles border with Russia

4th Apr 23 12:47 pm

Finland is to officially join NATO on Tuesday which will see the borders double with Russia which is not what Vladimir Putin wanted which is one of the reasons why he invaded Ukraine.

Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania share the border with Russia, Romania and Turkey share the Black Sea border and Lithuania, Poland and Latvia share the border with Belarus, who are all in NATO except from Minsk.

Finland will become the 31st country to join NATO on Tuesday afternoon which Moscow and Putin will see as a threat.

The Kremlin has warned that NATO risks “a significant expansion of the conflict” and the move will not impact Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu warned that they will now be forced to “take counter-measures” and the expansion of NATO is what prompted Moscow to invade Ukraine.

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He added that Finland joining NATO is an “encroachment on our security and on Russia‘s national interests” and Moscow will now station more military divisions in the northwest and west.

Russia announced on Tuesday that Belarusian warplanes now have “the ability to strike enemy targets” wherever they may be as Russia has now armed Belarus with nuclear weapons.

Russian Defence Minister said, “Some of the Belarusian ground attack aircraft have gained the ability to strike at enemy targets with nuclear-armed weapons.”

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko now has low-yield tactical nuclear weapons which have a relatively short range, however the strategic weapons like the missile borne warheads are a big threat to Europe.

The Russian tactical nuclear weapons based in Belarus are now closer to NATO and any other central European country which could strike within minutes.

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