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Zelensky warns World Economic Forum that Putin is a ‘predator who is not satisfied with frozen food’

17th Jan 24 8:21 am

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said that it is impossible to freeze the war, because Vladimir Putin does not like “frozen food.”

President Zelensky said that above all else Putin “loves money” and that the more billions he and his oligarchs lose he will then regret starting the war.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on Tuesday, President Zelensky told delegates, “Putin loves money above all else.

“The more billions he and his oligarchs, friends and accomplices lose, the more likely he is to regret starting this war.

“Putin should feel regret. We need him to lose.”

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Zelensky noted, that “after 2014, there were attempts to freeze the war in Donbas.

“There were very, very influential guarantors, like the German Chancellor and the French President. But Putin is a predator who is not satisfied with frozen food.”

He added, “Every decrease in pressure on the aggressor adds years, years to the war. But every investment in the defender’s trust shortens the war.

“We must give the opportunity to answer the most important question. The war will end in a just and stable peace.”

President Zelensky said that is it better to put an end to Putin’s war strategy now, otherwise his aggression will spread to other countries.

President Zelensky told the WEF, “The full-scale war in Europe has been ongoing for nearly two years. Counting the time since Russia’s illegal annexation of our Crimea, it’s been almost 10 years.

“And for almost 10 years, Russia has been interfering in African countries, from Sudan to Mali.

“The Syrian war, still bleeding because of Putin’s decision to prove something to the world, has been ongoing for almost 13 years.”

“In fact, Putin embodies war. We all know that he is the sole reason why various wars and conflicts persist, and why all attempts to restore peace have failed.

“And he will not change. He will not change.”

“And he will not change. He will not change. We must change. We all must change to the extent that the madness that resides in this man’s head or any other aggressor’s head will not prevail.”

Zelensky insisted, that “Putin is frank about what he wants, what he does, and who his targets are. His answer to the limits of chaos in the world is the boundless support of terrorist forces. He enjoys conflicts that cause suffering to others.”

“Regimes like his exist as long as they wage wars. And we – we all in the free world – exist as long as we can defend ourselves. If anyone thinks this is only about Ukraine, they’re fundamentally mistaken.”

President Zelensky added, “And how many men and women are your nations ready to send to defend another state, another nation?

“If one must fight against Putin together in the years ahead, isn’t it better to put an end to him and his war-strategy now, while our brave men and women are already doing it? They are the world’s chance. They are.”

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