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Russia preparing Wagner to pose as ‘Ukrainian saboteurs’ to ‘draw Belarus into a full-scale war’ against Kyiv

by LLB political Reporter
6th Aug 23 1:42 pm

Ukrainian intelligence reports are suggesting that Russia are preparing “Wagnerites to draw Belarus” into a “full-scale war” by posing as “Ukrainian saboteurs” at the Mozyr Oil Refinery.

Under the guise of Wagner Group Russian soldiers have formed a reconnaissance group of saboteurs to start military provocations are the Mozyr Oil Refinery, which in turn will instantly draw the nuclear armed Minsk into the war.

Vladimir Putin has been trying for many months to get the Belarusian dictator Alexandar Lukashenko to join the war in Ukraine.

The State Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said, “The SBU has established that Russia wants to use the Wagnerites to draw Belarus into a full-scale war against Ukraine.

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“The State Security Service of Ukraine has received intelligence indicating that the Russians are preparing a large-scale provocation ‘under a false flag’ at the strategic facility of Belarus – Mozyr Oil Refinery.”

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense told  Ukrinform, “Regarding the missiles from the territory of Belarus, it would probably be an electronic launch or an imitation of a launch, since Russian troops, forces and means for various kinds of provocations are stationed on the territory of this country in order to draw it into a war against Ukraine.

“Physically, it could not be there, but everything could be arranged as if the launches took place from the territory of Belarus.”

According to available data, a sabotage and reconnaissance group of regular military personnel of the Russian fighters and Russian special services, have already been sent to Belarus under the guise of Wagner mercenaries who are engaged in the preparation of a terrorist act.

The SBU said in a statement, “This Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group should commit a provocation at the refinery, posing as ‘Ukrainian saboteurs.’

“Russia plans to blame Ukraine for the deed, in order to once again try to drag Minsk into a full-scale war against our state,”
As reported, “the information about the planned terrorist attack in Belarus was received by the Security Service from several sources.

“In particular, from the testimony of a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces, who was captured by Ukrainian defenders in Zaporizhia direction. SBU cyber specialists also restored and analyzed the information on the cell phone of the captured Rashist.”

The SBU added, “The security service warns the army of Belarus against participating in a full-scale war against Ukraine.
“Every invader who crosses the border of our state will be destroyed by our Security and Defense Forces.”

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