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Putin is ‘arming and financing’ any ‘regime or terror group’ to wage war on the West

by LLB political Reporter
22nd Nov 23 10:58 am

Vladimir Putin is “sharing intelligence” with any “regime or terror group” to wage war against the West.

Wagner Group are offering Hezbollah or even the Iranian regime air defence support to spark an escalation in the Middle East.

The White House has said the move is an “unprecedented defence cooperation” between Iran and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah which are both enemies of the US.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, “Our information… indicates that Wagner, at the direction of the Russian government, was preparing to provide an air defence capability to either Hezbollah or Iran.”

Ukrainian commentator Jayin Kyiv wrote, “Russia is arming, financing, planning and sharing intelligence with ANY regime or terror group that is willing to wage war on the West.”

The Institute for the Study of the War (ISW) has claimed that the Kremlin are trying to “drive a wedge” between the West and Ukraine.

Russian intelligence service is believed to have already armed Hamas “with weapons made in the United Stated and the EU” to be used against the Israelis.

Propagandists have exploited the Hamas attacks against Israel to “advance several information operations intended to reduce US and Western support and attention to Ukraine.”

Key Kremlin officials have blamed the West for the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas.

The Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that the US was too busy with Ukraine and should have also been “busy with” solving the Palestinian-Israeli settlement.”

The Main Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that by using Western made weaponry against Israeli forces and civilians this will be an attempt to discredit Kyiv.

Ukrainian intelligence said, “The Russian intelligence service has already transferred to HAMAS terrorists captured weapons made in the United States and EU countries captured during the fighting in Ukraine.

“The next step, according to the Russians’ plan, should be fake accusations of the Ukrainian military of selling Western weapons to terrorists on a regular basis.”

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