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Wetherspoons latest victim to be hit with beer supply issues

by LLB Reporter
1st Sep 21 12:21 pm

Wetherspoons has become the latest victim to be struck with supply issues as some of their beers are not available.

A Wetherspoons spokesman said the pub chain have experience supply issues with Coors and Carling.

Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon said, “We are experiencing some supply problems with both Carling and Coors, which means that some pubs do not have the products available.

“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.

“We know that the brewers are trying to resolve the issue.”

Greggs is the latest company to be hit with supply chain issues of chicken for their iconic bake as labour shortages continue to hit supermarkets, pubs and the hospitality sector.

Due to post-Brexit immigration rules, the pandemic and a huge shortage of lorry drivers has severely affected the supply chain across the UK.

A spokesperson for the Home Office said, “The British people repeatedly voted to end free movement and take back control of our immigration system and employers should invest in our domestic workforce instead of relying on labour from abroad.”

McDonald’s, Nando’s, KFC, Greggs, spermarketshave all been affected – and today the Co-op’s chief executive, Steve Murrells said that food shortages are “at a worse level than at any time I have seen.

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