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Unlikely Putin will be ousted in a ‘coup’ as no one has ‘the political courage’ and the elite have ‘no clue how to escape this conundrum’

22nd Jun 22 3:03 pm

Vladimir Putin’s authority is “slowly eroding” but it is unlikely a “coup” will take place as the Russians do not have the “political courage.”

A military expert said that a stalemate is taking place in Moscow and due to Putin’s inaction this reflects a “gradual erosion” of his authority in Russia.

This morning Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor of War Studies King’s College London, released an essay on Putin and his current position within Moscow.

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Professor Emeritus wrote, “It is now widely assumed in the West that he will not back down in the war with Ukraine and, if things go badly, he will lash out.

“Such a man must not be provoked. Yet the image is starting to fray at the edges. Behind all the braggadocio his power is slowly eroding.

“The symptoms of this are to be found not in a readiness to compromise on the war, which remains absent, but instead in a policy paralysis, pressing on with his established strategy because he can think of nothing better to do.”

Recent developments in the Ukraine war along with the current flashpoint with Lithuania over Kaliningrad, “fits in with the gradual erosion of Putin’s authority in Russia,” he added.

Moscow has warned that they will retaliate which will have “a serious negative impact on the Lithuanian population” following the ban on goods being able to reach the Russian exclave which has sparked panic with Russians in Kaliningrad.

Professor of War Studies continued, “Russian elites are struggling to come to terms with a war that Putin began without consultation and which he does not know how to end on favourable terms.

“He is unwilling to take the even greater risks required to secure a military victory (assuming that these could succeed) yet unable to accept anything that would look like a defeat.”

Professor Freedman said, that “no one amongst the elite has a clue how to escape this conundrum or, even if they did, has the political courage and opportunity to move against Putin” in a coup.

He added, “Russia is now facing the possibility that it really has bitten off more than it can chew.

“None of this means an early end to the war. Nor does it mean that things will get easier for Ukraine.

“Putin’s default strategy is always to inflict pain even if he can achieve little else. The risk of more reckless action cannot be precluded.

“Nonetheless we should not assume that Russia is inexhaustible or, just because we cannot pick a winner in the battle at the moment, that the war is destined for a prolonged stalemate.”

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