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UK facing food shortages including potato supplies which ‘will affect chips and roast potatoes’

by LLB staff reporter
10th Aug 21 9:51 am

There could be severe shortages in the UK for chips and roast potatoes in the UK due to Brexit, labour shortages and devastating floods in Europe, inflation and the pandemic.

These have been highlighted as the main factors behind the potato shortage and the UK has been warned to expect shortages which could leave supermarkets and shops without the traditional spud.

According to a report from UK based Lynx Purchasing who are a catering and hospitality purchasing company, they have warned potato growers and processors could be impacted due to the floods in parts of Europe which has destroyed vast amount of crops.

Rachel Dobson, managing director at LYNX warned that this will have a “knock-on effect on availability of UK-grown potatoes.”

This could lead to severe shortages of the popular food for tens of millions of people across Europe and the UK.

Dobson said, “The recent floods in Europe have affected potato growers and processors in the region, with varieties grown for frozen chips particularly affected.

“It means that UK pubs and restaurants serving popular dishes like fish and chips could find their usual supplier isn’t able to deliver.

“The shortage abroad is likely to have a knock-on effect on availability of UK-grown potatoes.

“Come Christmas, we could find that the roast potato, a staple of festive dinners, is also in short supply.”

The Irish Farmers Association has warned that up to 20,000 hectares of agricultural land has been severely damaged by torrential rain in Belgium and Germany in recent weeks which produce vast quantities of potatoes.

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