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Truss told the Tory Party faces an electoral ‘wipeout’ unless the government changes course and stops to ‘rethink’

by LLB political Reporter
6th Oct 22 2:07 pm

Tory MP Nadine Dorries has told Liz Truss the Conservative Party are heading into an electoral landslide defeat.

Truss has been accused of “lurching to the right” and she is preparing the ground for Labour to win and also blasted the Prime Minister’s “cruel” plans to cut benefits which has proved unpopular amongst Troy MPs.

The former Culture Secretary told The Times, “I understand that we need to rocket-booster growth, but you don’t do that by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

“ You don’t win elections by lurching to the right and deserting the centre ground for [Labour leader] Keir Starmer to place his flag on.

“If we continue down this path, we absolutely will be facing a (former Canadian PM) Stephen Harper-type wipeout.

“I’m sure she’s listened and will stop and rethink.”

Dorries added, “Boris Johnson’s government was clear that benefits should rise with inflation — this must be right.

“If it rises in line with wages that will mean a real-term cut for millions of people at a time when global costs are rising due to a pandemic and Putin’s war. It would be cruel, unjust and fundamentally unconservative.”

The Tory Chairman Jake Berry criticised Dorries for her attack, he told LBC, “I’ve seen that article [in The Times] by Nadine, I must admit [I am] quite good friends with Nadine and I think she’s a very fine individual and a very fine Conservative, but quite a lot of what we have done hasn’t been just about cutting people’s taxes – though of course people are getting the cut in income tax.

“Quite a lot of it is, you know, action on energy bills.

!I’m not sure that Nadine Dorries would like to see, you know, energy bills go up to £6,000 per household because of the action we have taken. They will now on average be £2,500.”

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