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The impact of snow on London

by Sarah Dunsby
15th Jan 24 11:04 am

London, a highly sought-after tourist destination, attracts nearly 20 million visitors annually, as reported by Mastercard. The city’s allure lies in its rich history, unparalleled uniqueness, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. London proudly showcases iconic landmarks like the Tower of London, Big Ben, and the beloved Buckingham Palace, perennial favorites among tourists. However, there is a section of tourists who visit London specifically when it snows, as the city transforms into a breathtaking winter wonderland, enhancing the beauty of its historical buildings.

Yet, amidst this enchanting sight, there are challenges to navigate. The extreme cold and biting winds create uncomfortably chilly conditions. Additionally, the chaos caused by snowfall can have detrimental effects within a few days. What may be delightful for some can lead to havoc for others.

The transportation sector faces its biggest challenge during icy and snow-covered conditions, with overwhelmed roads and disrupted train services. Commuting to work becomes nearly impossible, posing safety risks for those who brave the treacherous conditions. However, even in the face of these difficulties, Londoners manage to maintain their cheery spirit and appreciate the unique beauty that accompanies snowfall.

Here are a few tips to help navigate the wonderful snowy days in London:

Tip one

Dress appropriately. Despite the beauty, it will be cold. Get your hats, gloves, overcoats, and thermals ready. Thick socks are a necessity, and make sure to wear the right pair of shoes. Walking through snow with wet socks is never pleasant. Wellies are the best option, although not always practical.

Tip two

Check train travel updates before setting off. Snowfall can severely disrupt services, and it’s crucial to be aware of any disruptions, especially for the commute home. Have a backup plan in case of any issues.

Tip three

If possible, avoid driving. Roads will be icy, slippery, and extremely hazardous. However, if driving is necessary, ensure you have relevant supplies in case of getting stuck. Have fluids, and food, and check all car services such as tires, oil, and screenwash. Pack a blanket, just in case, and make sure you have sufficient fuel.

Tip four

Consider working from home. If your employer allows it, take advantage of the opportunity to work in the comfort of your own home. Nothing beats throwing a few snowballs in the garden and then returning inside to work.

If you’ve travelled to London to enjoy the snow and sights, carefully plan your travel. Consider booking a more practical prestige car rental, such as a four-by-four, designed to operate well in snowy conditions. Keep your trips short to avoid getting stuck and plan your journeys thoroughly to cover all eventualities.

Let’s fully embrace the enchanting beauty of snowy days in London while prioritizing preparedness and adaptability to ensure a safe and delightful experience for all. Additionally, let’s extend our consideration to businesses, recognizing that supplies may be delayed and staff may face challenges in getting to work, which can subsequently impact services. Ultimately, let’s relish in the splendour of it all while being mindful of the circumstances.

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