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Spain allows Brits to travel from Monday, but you risk a ‘hefty fine’

by LLB political Reporter
21st May 21 10:28 am

Spain has announced that they will allow British holidaymakers from Monday, but the country is on the UK government’s amber list.

Brits will only be allowed to travel to Spain for “essential reasons” which includes the Balearic Islands, but not the Canary Islands, the Foreign Office has based this on the infection risks posed.

It has been estimated that around 270,000 Brits will fly to amber list countries by the end of this weekend.

According to the Telegraph, over 1,300 flights were scheduled to go to amber countries in the five days from Wednesday to Sunday.

This equates to 54,000 passengers per day, with destinations including Spain, Greece, Italy and France which are on the UK government’s amber list.

Antonio Mayor, President of the Benidorm, Costa Blanca and Valencia Region Hotel Association Hosbec said, “This is great.

“Everything that means opening borders and trying to normalise mobility is good news.

“We are delighted with the announcement.

“The important thing now is that the UK puts us on green light status.

“We expect many British tourists will now come to Spain but green light status would encourage even more.”

However, a Conservative MP warned on Friday that Brits face a hefty fine when they return back to the UK if they have been on a “jolly” to an amber list destination, which includes Spain.

Conservative MP, Dehenna Davison told BBC Radio 5, “There are definitely checks going on and people who are found to be lying or people who are travelling just for a jolly when they shouldn’t be are going to be fined.

“Because you know it is easy to ask all of these questions, people want to find loopholes to be able to travel.”

The Prime Minister has explicitly warned against travelling to amber list countries unless it is for an urgent reason.

Boris Johnson said, “I think it’s very important for people to grasp what an amber list country is: it is not somewhere where you should be going on holiday, let me be very clear about that.

“And if people do go to an amber list country, they absolutely have to for some pressing family or urgent business reason, then please bear in mind that you will have to self-isolate, you’ll have to take tests and do your passenger locator form and all the rest of it.”

Johnson urged Britons to “think twice” about travelling to areas of the country where the Indian variant is spiking.

He was asked whether people planning to certain areas still should take their trip, he said, “Given the caution that we have to exercise with this new variant.

“I would urge people just to think twice about that.”

The strong advice seems to have fallen on deaf ears as this is unlikely to prevent Brits from travelling.

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