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Scotland hits ‘another critical point’ as cases spike

by LLB political Reporter
18th Sep 20 1:27 pm

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned fellow Scots that “hard but necessary decisions” will be made in “coming days” as the country is starting to “run out of control again.”

Sturgeon put Scotland on notice and that “this weekend will be critical” in what response the government will give next.

She has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold a COBRA security meeting this weekend.

Sturgeon said at her daily press briefing, “Today, I want to give the nation advance notice that the coming days are likely to see some hard, but necessary decisions.

“If we want to avoid another full-scale lockdown, doing nothing certainly is not an option.”

“We are at another critical point.”

She then warned, “The bottom line here is this virus is on the rise again. Cases are rising quite rapidly.

“The percentage of tests is not as high as March but is rising. And the R number is now above 1.

“If we are to break and interrupt this growth, we will have to do more over the next few weeks.”

During the press briefing Sturgeon was asked by Sky News Sam Coates, “Are you prepared to commit to the whole UK moving as one on those new plans, or do you reserve the right for Scotland to do things differently?”

She replied with, “While I want to try to align as far as possible, because it makes sense, if there are things that I think, based on my data, my advice, that are essential in Scotland and other parts of UK don’t want to do them, I won’t hold back in going ahead with them.”

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