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Scaremongering ad claims 'terror threat to Olympics' banned

by LLB Editor
13th Jun 12 12:24 pm

How do you feel about a double glazing advert picturing a wrecked bus from the 7/7 bombings with text stating the Olympics are under a ‘very real threat’? Awful, I’m sure.

The advert appeared in leaflets distributed across London and the home counties for the anti-shatter window company, Northgate Solar Controls. It has since been banned by The Advertising Standards Authority for causing undue fear and distress.

“With regards to the image used on the mailing’s envelope, which depicted the bus in Tavistock Square which was a target of the July 7 bombings, we considered that the inclusion of this image was wholly inappropriate and shocking and was likely to cause serious offence and distress,” said the watchdog in a statement.

Here’s the wording of the leaflet delivered to 4,400 businesses: “You may have already been visited by the Met Police or other Government Agency to warn you of the current highest level security alert which is being issued ahead of and for the duration of the Olympic Games…Infiltration by suicide bombers etc in conjunction with undetected terrorist sleeper cells already in the country, pose a very real threat.”

“The message that the Police and the Home Office are giving includes the precaution to consider the strength of your glazing and upgrade it where necessary with the application of a tough Clear Security Film as a deterrent to lethal flying shards of glass in the event of a bomb blast in the vicinity of your building.”

The company told the ASA, “it did not intend to cause fear or alarm but was trying to help minimise the risks in the event of an explosion by the application of bomb-blast film.”

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