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Ryanair passengers ‘blatantly not wearing face coverings’ on Portugal flight

by LLB Politics Reporter
29th Sep 20 4:22 pm

Some passengers who were on a Ryanair flight which took off from Birmingham Airport to Faro, Portugal last Tuesday were “blatantly not wearing face coverings” whilst in mid-flight.

Ryanair has previously stated that there are a number of “Healthy Flying Guidelines” in place whilst on board their flights.

Ms Stanton who was on board the Ryanair flight to Portugal, has since fallen sick with Covid-19 symptoms and has now been forced to self-isolate, which has affected her working.

She told LondonLovesBusiness, “much to our dismay” people “took off their face masks mid-flight.”

Sue Stanton

A Ryanair cabin crew member was talking to a male passenger who was wearing no face covering, for around 15 minutes the cabin crew member was trying to sell him and his wife some “perfume,” and at no time asked him or his wife to wear a face covering.

However, once the flight was descending into Faro Airport, he and his wife then put their face masks back on.

This comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson told MPs last Tuesday in the House of Commons that “we must act now” in order to avoid “graver consequences” over coronavirus.

The Prime Minister said the British people had used “common sense” with “fortitude” to avert an even worse catastrophe by the spring lockdown.

Johnson also warned on the same day Ms Stanton flew back to Portugal, that people who wish to break the rule of six, or fail to wear a face covering, the penalty will now double to £200.

Ms Stanton said that she has been “extremely cautious and has not taken a flight since 10 February from Portugal for the protection of ourselves and others, we decided to stay away from people as much as possible.

Sue Stanton

“We finally decided to take a flight from Faro to Birmingham on 9 September flight number FR3712.”

She added, “The main reason for not travelling previously was due to the infection rate fluctuating, added with the fact my partners mother has on going cancer treatment.

“The flight with Ryanair FR3712 was very disappointing, face masks were worn below the faces, whilst some people were sat there with their noses uncovered.

“Myself and my partner were huddled up together wearing masks and sanitizing our hands, we were very concerned, we did however let it go” on that occasion.

Sue Stanton

Despite the Ryanair cabin crew announcing to all passenger before take-off they that “passengers are required to keep face masks on at all times,” Ms Stanton was shocked that some passengers “deliberately removed their coverings.”

She said, “Much to our dismay on the way back flight number FR3711, on the 22 September, it was even worse, a lady had her mask below her chin and sat there reading.

Sue Stanton

“Also young family man woman child, were not wearing masks for the whole journey the man was talking to the cabin crew for at least 15 mins, when we started to descend to land the man put on his mask.

“A lot of people were wearing masks incorrectly; we will not be travelling any time soon again.

She added, “My partner contacted Ryanair several days ago with no response, I think people should be made aware.”

She noted that it was quite odd that once the flight started to descend into Faro the man and other people then put their face coverings back on.

Another passenger who was on the Ryanair flight, Mr Arnold the partner of Ms Stanton who has “underlying health conditions” was shocked “by the lack of attention of the face covering regulations, and additionally the lack of any indication of the staff aboard the plane enforcing them.”

Sue Stanton

Mr Arnold also told LondonLovesBusiness, “Approximately 30% of passengers had the mask under their nose or worn as a neckerchief, and one passenger spent 10 minutes chatting with a steward within a metre distance with no mask on at all and no indication from where I was sat that this was a problem.

“All passengers put masks on properly when coming down and when boarding. It just seemed ‘void’ on the plane, even with the fact that there was an announcement before take-off that all passengers were to keep masks on fully covered for the duration of the flight.

“I took pictures and complained to Ryanair on the 23 September by Email, but I still have “had no response,” at the time of writing.

Sue Stanton

Mr Arnold further said, “None of our pre-completed passenger locator forms were taken either in the UK or in Portugal. Although I’m guessing it’s also online anyway, they both specify to take paper copies with you.”

Once passengers have checked in at the airport, and potentially had a temperature check, wearing a face mask, or covering is a requirement, and passengers are required to keep face masks on at all times, which also includes the cabin crew.

Once the flight has landed passengers are still required to keep face masks on until they have exited the airport.

Ryanair was contacted for a comment.

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