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Revealed: Parents feel more intelligent after a year of home-schooling

by LLB Editor
14th Jul 21 12:18 pm

Home schooling over the last pandemic year has provided a surprise bonus result for British parents, as a new study reveals that 75% feel more intelligent now, compared to a year ago.

Ahead of the academic year ending, a survey of 1,020 UK parents, from One4all Gift Cards, has revealed a positive outcome from an otherwise difficult past 12 months for many parents juggling work, home life and home schooling.

The survey further revealed that 37% feel better equipped now to help their child with their schoolwork as they have a greater understanding of it, while nearly 1 in 3 (30%) have been educated on subjects that they had long forgotten about.

More than 1 in 4 (29%) have learned something new this last academic year and as parents patience skills have been put to the test, the same number feel they have become a better parent due to home schooling their child.

In addition, the research revealed that parents have reignited their interest in school, as 29% say they have been reminded of hobbies and subjects they used to enjoy.

Nearly 1 in 5 (17%) parents have even invested time, money and materials to take up the hobbies and subjects they used to enjoy at school as a result of home schooling.

Cooking (27%) topped the poll as the most popular childhood hobby parents have invested time in again as a result of home schooling, with reading (23%), gardening (21%), art (20%) and maths (19%) completing the top five.

Performing arts (5%), design (6%) and creative writing (8%) are the subjects which parents were happy to leave in the past and appeared bottom of the list.

Looking at the subjects which children across the UK needed most help with during the pandemic, History appeared top of the list with parents spending just over 3 hours (3 hours 3 minutes) home-schooling over an average week, followed by Maths (2 hours 48 minutes) and English (2 hours, 45 minutes).

Furthermore, nearly 1 in 5 (19%) parents have felt inspired by their child’s teachers’ tutoring methods over the last pandemic year, while 18% have been inspired by their educational creativity and therefore integrated this into their child’s everyday life.

Aoife Davey, Senior Marketing Director at One4all Gift Cards, comments on the findings: “The past year has been very difficult for many parents. They’ve taken on the role of both parent and teacher and, in many cases have been juggling this alongside a full-time job. Although on a positive note, it’s wonderful to see so many parents are feeling more confident guiding their children educationally while also reigniting their own passion for education and learning new things as a result of home-schooling.

“We can’t forget the hard work of our teachers either as they’ve had to adapt to virtual lessons and socially distanced teaching – now is the perfect chance to say thank you to the teacher in your child’s life, and what better way to do that than with a One4all Gift Card, which allows teachers to treat themselves to something they really want after a challenging year.”

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