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Retreating Russian forces booby trap ‘executed civilians’ with landmines on the highway out of Kyiv

1st Apr 22 5:37 pm

Kremlin forces who retreated out of Kyiv booby trapped “executed civilians” on the highway out of the Ukrainian capital.

Ukrainian personnel confirmed that 13 dead civilians were found scattered along the road out of Kyiv which were booby trapped with mines by Russian forces, Olena Halushka, a member of the anti-corruption group in Ukraine said.

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The Mayor of Irpin, Olexsandr Markushyn, confirmed this week that up to 300 civilians and “defenders” were killed by Russian forces, which lasted a matter of days.

Soldiers in the besieged city of Irpin were seen carrying out body bags down a stretch of road which was destroyed by Russian troops.

Russian forces have also been accused of more war crimes as they have “tortured” innocent civilians in the Sumy region, north east of Ukraine.

Resdidents Trostianets, Sumy region which was captured by Russian troops were left dead in the streets and were found riddled with “gunshot wounds.”

The Prosecutor General’s Office said on its Telegram channel on Friday said, “According to the investigation, servicemen of Russia’s armed forces, in violation of the requirements of the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Population, during the occupation of the city of Trostianets abducted and abused civilians.”

The prosecutor’s office said the city was liberated by Russian forces on 30 March and bodies were found with gunshot wounds.

“The dead were civilians, the disappearance of which was reported by relatives a few days before,” the report says.

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