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Putin’s barking dog claims British neo-Nazi ‘mercenaries and extremists’ are fighting in Ukraine and are committing ‘war crimes’

by LLB political Reporter
21st Apr 22 12:00 pm

Vladimir Putin’s barking dog has claimed that there are British neo-Nazis mercenaries have formed an “international legion” who have “combat experience in the world’s hot spots.”

At a press briefing at the Russian Foreign Ministry, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that extremists from around the world are in the Ukraine and have joined neo-Nazi battalions.

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She accused Britain of being one of the main starting points for this and claimed, “the collective West is supporting Ukrainian nationalists not only with weapons but also with personnel – mercenaries and extremists brought in from different parts of the world.”

Zakharova barked, “Ukrainian embassies are making their own contribution to the formation of an international neo-Nazi legion.”

Putin’s mouthpiece said these moves that western countries are making are in violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as “they are recruiting mercenaries from all over the world.”

Zakharova, “Ukraine has turned into a place that has accumulated mercenaries of all stripes with combat experience in the world’s hot spots.”

She added, “The Kyiv regime has attracted over 6,800 mercenaries from 63 states to Ukraine since the start of the special military operation.

“Citizens of Poland, the US, Canada, Romania, the UK and Georgia are the majority of mercenaries in Ukrainian nationalist groups.”

She then accuses the mercenaries of war crimes, she said, “They definitely have not been providing humanitarian aid in these hot spots.

“They have not saved people but brutally murdered them, tortured them, took hostages, and demanded ransoms.

“They committed many terrible acts.

“Now Ukraine has become a magnet for them.”

She added, “A number of countries are emphatically opposing their efforts but others cannot afford this because they are under pressure from Washington.

“US political forces fully support this mission, including the recruitment of mercenary battalions.”

As part of the Russian rhetoric she also claims that the number of foreign militants “is on the decline due to the Russian Armed Forces’ combat operations.”

The spokeswoman then claimed that Russian troops have killed “over a thousand mercenaries.”

She added, “Another thousand or so refused to fight and returned to the places of their former extremist deployment.

“We advise the remaining 4,800 foreigners to follow the example of their fellows in misery and return to their own countries.”

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