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New book is the antidote to boring business theory

by LLB Reporter
19th Jul 17 4:59 pm

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A new book aims to create huge business change and show hungry business people how to unlock potential or reinvent a business without the use of ‘boring’ business theory.

Whatever happens, we don’t want people to write to the Daily Mail has been written by the team at Flux, a London basedbusiness experiment consultancy.

The book explains how quick experiments can turn into successful new products, and even reinvent the way an entire business works.

Four types of experiments feature in the book including; Lookalike; which uses existing tools to simulate the service that you plan to provide to help you understand your idea better, and Popup; which creates a handheld, small scale version of your experience and provides an opportunity to see exactly how people interact with the product or service.

Richard Poole, managing partner at Fluxx said: “Often ideas live as pitches for years, some become projects.  Budgets are attached, staff are hired, plans are drawn up. Eventually, the product is launched and exposed to the real world for the first time.
Sometimes, this is a shock. The real world is messy and confusing. Customers don’t do what they said they’d do in focus groups.

“We learned the idea of lean business experiments from start-ups that have successfully scaled up. Someone bootstrapping an idea from their kitchen table can’t afford to waste time or money on ideas that are unlikely to succeed.”

For more information on Fluxx, visit https://fluxx.uk.com

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