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Moshe Kantor business and philanthropy

25th May 18 11:00 am

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Dr. Moshe Kantor, born in the year 1953 in Moscow. All his childhood was spent in Moscow and as he reached adolescent, he joined the Aviation Institute of Moscow. Between 1976 and 1981, he completed his Ph.D and started his career as a specialist of spacecraft and their automatic control systems.

Dr. Moshe Kantor business

Dr. Moshe Kantor started his business soon after the completion of his studies. This business was not at all related to his specialization at all. As just after completion of his studies, he got engaged into a project related to the environment, so his interests diverted in opposite direction of what he studied in the university. 

Hallmark of Dr. Moshe Kantor business activities

The turning point of his business career was the project environmental assessment project. After the completion of this project, he started a business which was related to mineral fertilizers. He started the production, as well as the distribution of these fertilizers all around the world. In1993, Dr. Moshe Kantor purchased as renowned chemical fertilizer company, named Acron Group. After purchasing such a big company, he became one of the most popular businessmen in his country Russia, as well as around the world.

Dr. Moshe Kantor philanthropy

He was elected as the chairperson of the Jewish Congress in Russia in 2008. Being a part of such a huge platform, he started his welfare work for the people of Europe. He was a great advocate of peace, harmony,and reconciliation, so he did a lot of work related to it.  Now he is known as a popular Philanthropist in European countries, as well as around the world.

Establishment of ECTR

He is the founder of ECTR, which is a council that is made with a purpose to promote tolerance and reconciliation across Europe. He invited dignitaries to his council,and soon the former prime minister of England Tony Blair, Nobel peace prize winners and many there influential joined his cause. 

Cause behind ECTR

There were multiple issues that Dr. Moshe Kantor considered at that time. The most important ones that he usually heightened were racism, extremism or terrorism, and discrimination on the basis of creed, family background,and country.

He also focused on the health, art, and culture promotion of each and every sector of Europe, and especially Israel. His main focus was the education of young people because according to him this tool is heavier than any other tool of progress and peace in the whole world. He raised many funds to build schools and nursing homes all around Europe.

Dr. Moshe Kantor is awardedwith many prestigious prizes due to his tireless efforts for the peace, harmony and safety of the people of Europe. Also, he is given the honor of being among the top 50 most influential Jews in the European countries. From Belgium, France, Poland, Italy to Romania, Dr. Moshe Kantor work was recognized as exceptional for humanity. Hislife is not only an example for the people of Russia, but for people around the world.

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