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MI6 warned ‘ISIS’ are planning a ‘big attack’ involving a ‘UK terrorist cell’ which will ‘be in a public place’

by LLB staff reporter
29th Jun 23 2:33 pm

Elite Iraqi forces have uncovered a terrorist plot which involves a “UK terrorist cell” who are going to orchestrate a “big attack” on British soil.

Iraqi forces discovered the plans for an international terrorist attack against the UK whilst conducting ISIS operations.

They found that ISIS terrorists in Iraq have been in discussions to launch a deadly attack in the UK and they have issued a warning to the British government.

British journalists who were with the Iraqi Counter Terror Service in Baghdad where told that ISIS commanders in the country want to maximise an attack to bring horror to the British people.

General Abdul Wahab el-Saadi, told The Mirror, “We know ISIS has been talking to UK-based terrorists and we know what they are planning. It is a big attack.

“We discovered that the UK is the next target outside Iraq.

“In the past few weeks we launched major operations against Daesh or Islamic State and killed large numbers of terrorists, in one raid there were about five of them, all quite senior.

“I can tell you that from the information we found at the site of one of our recent raids the next intended terror attack will be in the United Kingdom.”

The general said, “These terrorists are British nationals,” when asked about the UK terror cell.

For security reason that specifics have been left out of reports, however  it is understood Western intelligence spy agencies have been provided all the specifics by Baghdad officials.

The general did add, “I cannot tell what form the attack they want to launch would take as it can be a car, a knife, a gun, a bomb.

“I do not have those details for you except that it will, if it happens, be in a public place of the type I have described to you.

“We have given all of the information to the British authorities so they know about it.

“The four priority countries in Europe are the UK, France, Belgium and Germany.”

The Mirror reported that a detachment of British special forces are to be deployed to Iraq to assist in training additional counter-terror troops in the coming weeks.

General Abdul Wahab el-Saadi, stated: “Definitely there are cells from Anbar Province up to Saladin, north of Baghdad, also south of Mosul there are cells and in the Hamrin Mountains, north-east Iraq.

“A few days ago we carried an operation in Anbar and killed 22, some of them senior members of Daesh.

“Also recently we carried out a big operation in the north killing five.

“We are in the front line in this war against Islamic State and we are paying in blood to protect countries like Britain.”

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