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Leaked documents suggest more than 720,000 Russians either been killed or wounded

by LLB political Reporter
8th Jul 24 7:28 am

Leaked documents from the US Defense Department seen by The Economist suggests that between 462,000 and 728,000 Russian soldiers have either been killed in action, wounded or captured by mid-June.

The Kyiv Independent reported that these suggested leaked number far exceed the number of Russian soldiers who were preparing to enter into Ukraine on 22 February 2022 when the war officially started.

These numbers, if accurate, shows that Moscow has lost far more soldiers than Russia has faced with every military conflict they have been involved with since the Second World War.

Ukraine’s General Staff has said that in late May Russian losses had far exceeded half a million troops who have been killed or injured.

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Russian media agencies such as Mediazona and Meduza have openly published reports citing around 120,000 soldiers have been killed in action since February 2022.

BBC Russia has estimated there has been at least 113,000 killed before June, whilst French and British officials have claimed some 500,000 have been killed or wounded as of May 2024.

The highest casualties are amongst those aged between 35 to 39-years old and it has been suggested that in February 2022 27,000 Russian’s were slaughtered in the killing fields of Ukraine.

The demographic loss of those aged between 20 to 50 killed or seriously wounded is around 2% of all Russian men since Vladimir Putin’s war started in 2022.

In an article written by The Economist, they wrote, “The latest estimates suggest that roughly 2% of all Russian men aged between 20 and 50 may have been either killed or severely wounded in Ukraine since the start of the full-scale war.”

The New York Times reported that US officials have said Moscow is recruiting between 25,000 and 30,000 fresh troops each month, this is helping to replenish soldiers and conduct “cannon fodder” style attacks on Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian officials have never openly reported the exact numbers of their casualties, but it is thought to exceptionally high.

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