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Russian diplomat warns they ‘are gaining terrain’ and Trump can ‘hardly’ end the war

3rd Jul 24 3:28 pm

The former US President Donald Trump who is looking likely to win the presidential elections has vowed that he can end the war in Ukraine within 24-hours.

The Russian Ambassador to London Andrey Kelin has said that Trump will “hardly” end the war within 24-hours.

During an interview with Sky News Kelin was asked could Trump end the war in Ukraine?

The Russian ambassador said, “First of all, he should become a president. Secondly, a lot of efforts should be applied to do this and that depends on what kind of terms it is going to happen.

“You know that a lot of attention is now given to the draft agreement that has been nearly concluded between Russia and Ukraine in early 2022 in Istanbul, and that was a good platform probably.”

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Kelin said insisted that everyone “including Donald Trump, should be realistic about the real situation on the ground.”

He warned that Vladimir Putin is “not going to stop with its offensive actions” should there be any negotiations to end the war.

Kelin said, “We are advancing… It’s wrong to think that there is a stalemate over the [special military operation] area, there is no freeze.

“We are attacking now… and we are gaining terrain.”

“Now it [the special military operation] is still operational, I would say tactical and operational, but it will grow into more serious actions pretty soon,” the Russian ambassador added.

Last month Moscow warned Kyiv to accept Putin’s peace proposal, the Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said that Russian forces will make things far “worse” if they do not.

Medvedev said, “Frankly speaking, I think that the president has said everything, I mean that the next peace proposal Russia makes will be worse for the Ukrainian authorities, no matter how we treat them.

“Now they have the opportunity to consider Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s peace proposal and at least try to make peace and end this part of the conflict.”

He added, “And it will be difficult to say where the lines of the buffer zone that Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned will be.

“It’s very likely that all this will not work to the benefit of the current Ukrainian authorities.

“So they have to hurry while they still can.”

A Ukrainian official said, Kyiv is “rejecting any proposals from the outset, taking the discussion back to the very beginning.

“In vain. So it will be worse from now on.”

Putin’s peace proposal consists of Ukrainian officials to meet with Russian diplomats whereby Kyiv will officially recognise the status of Crimea, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, and the Zaporozhia and Kherson Regions as part of Russia.

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