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Kremlin propagandist ridicules the Tories as they’re ‘consigned to the dustbin of history’

by LLB political Reporter
5th Jul 24 3:55 pm

Vladimir Kornilov, analyst at state news outlet Russia Today, has ridiculed Rishi Sunak and some Troy MPs as having been “consigned to the dustbin of history.”

The Labour Party who won in a landslide on Friday has been seen by Moscow as a win for the Kremlin.

Kornilov said, “This unbridled anti-Russia campaigner nearly burst into tears during the announcement of the election results.

“It turns out Russophobia is not the decisive factor determining the choice of the British voter.”

The Kremlin propagandist added, added, “Well, now he will have more time for his beloved Ukraine. It turns out that the unrestrained fight against Russia does not help in the elections. Good riddance.”

He then turned his attention to Nigel Farage, the leader of the Reform UK party, he said, “Let me remind you during the campaign they tried to present him as a ‘Kremlin agent,’ ‘Putin’s poodle,’ ‘Russian provocateur,’ “enemy of Ukraine.”

He added, “As you can see, this does not interfere with victory. The British Tories have been consigned to the dustbin of history.”

However, the reality is that with Sir Keir Starmer now being the new Prime Minister Russia will most likely see the Labour leader the same way as they viewed Sunak.

Pro-war fanatic Alexander Talipov, who runs Telegram channel Crimean Smersh said, the Labour government “will probably continue its predecessors’ course of Russophobia and escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.”

State news agency TASS said “No major changes should be expected in the country’s foreign policy.

“All parties presented their electoral programs in mid-June and they featured no major differences in positions on, for example, the Ukrainian crisis or relations with Russia.”

Nikolai Topornin, associate professor of the European Law Department at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, said Sunak “lacked the charisma and experience to lead [Britain] on the right path with a firm hand, as Margaret Thatcher did in her time. He is more of a financier than a politician.”

He added, “He made absurd decisions, for example…to send refugees to Rwanda.”

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