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Labour rules out EU referendum

by LLB Reporter
12th Mar 14 10:39 am

If Labour wins the next general election, there will be no automatic EU referendum, Ed Miliband has confirmed.

The prime minister has previously said if the Conservatives were still in government they would ensure the UK gets to vote on EU membership in 2017 – which some see as David Cameron’s way of placating the more euro-sceptic members of his party.

However, the Labour leader said his party’s priorities after the next general election are “very different”.

Miliband said the only point where Labour would hold an in/out referendum would be if there were “a significant transfer of powers” from the UK to the EU, instead focusing on rebuilding the economy and improving living standards.

“Labour will focus on dealing with the cost of living crisis by building a better economy so that people can look forward to a better future for their children,” he said in the FT.

“An arbitrary timetable for a referendum on leaving Europe would damage our ability to deliver on these priorities.”

Responding to this, the PM tweeted:



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