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Insights gained from social media tools provided by NetBase

by John Saunders
16th Jul 19 12:29 pm

There is a wealth of information available online that can be of tremendous use and benefit when developing marketing plans. The type of data that can be leveraged to develop effective marketing strategies includes information about how a company’s products and services are perceived in the marketplace by consumers. You can gather information about competitors, existing customers and prospective customers.

When social media first started to become a national pastime, it was common for brands to participate without truly analyzing data. For a good amount of time, it was sufficient to build a following. That has all changed because there are social media tools that can provide consumer information in a way that’s not only beneficial, but highly efficient. No longer is it difficult to collect data because there have been advancements in technology that offer artificial intelligence to simplify delivery of the information you need to make important decisions.

Below are examples of the insights that can be gained from social medial tools that are provided by NetBase, a social media analytics platform used by top companies across all industries. NetBase is a trusted resource for social media analytics.

Effectiveness of content

The development of content for social media can be difficult for even savvy marketers. There is a constant need to develop content that’s engaging and timely. It must be relevant to your target audience, while also being topics of interest. This is important because content will not be shared if it is not of interest, which means you have missed an opportunity to reach a broader audience. Social media tools enable you to find out if the content you’re developing is garnering attention and boosting engagement.

The information obtained about the effectiveness of your content will enable you to further develop your marketing strategy with improvements made based on the type of content that’s actually being shared on social media. It’s a great way to ensure the roadmap developed for achieving your goals align with actual data. It’s simply a matter of finding out what connects with your audience and producing content accordingly.

Opinions concerning your business

When consumers voice their opinions on social media, they don’t hold back. It’s why analyzing the information is so critical. You can find out exactly how people feel, whether good or bad. This gives you the chance to address problems immediately. It can also serve as a way to make the necessary adjustments and hopefully mitigate issues in the future. When you think about the type of information that can be procured online today using social media tools, it’s quite amazing. In real-time, you can obtain data that years ago would only have been procured through lengthy focus groups.

There is tremendous value in collecting and analyzing the opinions of consumers about your business. In addition to being able to deal with situations immediately, you can improve your service levels and possibly earn loyal customers. For instance, simply responding to an angry comment left by a customer on Twitter or Instagram can completely turn things around. It’s about letting the customer know that you hear them and want to earn their satisfaction. Social media tools enable you to collect real-time data and respond promptly. It’s happened time and time again where a dissatisfied customer becomes a loyal customer after having a problem resolved. It demonstrates that you value their opinion and business.

NetBase offers a variety of solutions for social analytics, but one of the most valuable solutions is analytics that can help improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. Brands are constantly competing with other companies for the attention of consumers. A key aspect of developing an effective marketing strategy is deep dive analysis to gain a better understanding of your target customer. You can find out what they care about to cultivate more relevant experiences.

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