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How to sell advertisement on your website when considering a website builder

7th Jun 18 11:34 am

When you build a website through any website builder, you must have great content.

Maybe you are not selling a service or a product, but you want to sell information.

Now, if you want to sell advertisements on that site, the advertisers will only buy from you if enough people are coming to your website.

Do you have traffic?

Having traffic on your website means that whether people are coming to your website or not. If you just started the website, and nobody knows about it, then you are probably not going to be able to sell advertisements.

Advertisers are normally looking for eyeballs when they want to buy a banner ad on your website, then the hundreds of people who are visiting our site would see that ad. As a result, they will click on it and might buy something from them. This is the reason why the traffic on your website is very important.

Do you have the right audience?

Now, suppose you have enough traffic on your website, then you can sell the advertisement. But, now the question is about your audience. This is important because when you are selling advertisements for specific information, then you must make sure that you find advertiser companies that are complementary to that information.

For instance, if you have a site that talks about dogs, you would not like to sell the advertisement to a car company. Rather you will stick to the audience and make sure that you have the right audience that you and the advertising companies are looking for.

Therefore, making a right website through website builder and selling it for right advertisement is very important. You can visit https://www.best10websitebuilders.com/, to build the best website for yourself that will be appealing to your audience and the advertisers also.

How would you like to be paid?

After this, as you settle your traffic and audience, you will have to decide about the payment that how you will be paid. With banner ads, you can be paid in a variety of ways. There are three ways. These are:


You can be paid on the impression. Specifically, someone is looking at the ad. For instance, you have a website on which you put information about dogs, and all the people who love pet dogs would like to visit your website to read the information. In this way, you will be paid for every time the ad is displayed on your website as each person visits your website. All you need is good traffic on your website.


In this way of getting paid, you will be paid for each click. The advertiser will pay you only for someone clicks on the ad and goes to their website.


For each sale, you will be paid by the advertiser. The advertiser will either pay you some commission on each sale or e will settle monthly payment for all sales with you.

This is how advertisement selling and buying take place. The protocol looks simple but needs actual hard work to get the desired results.

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