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How racist is UKIP?

by LLB Editor
23rd Feb 15 11:03 am

From calling a Thai party supporter “ting tong from somewhere” to disliking “negroid features”, UKIP representatives have kicked up many racism storms.

So how racist is Nigel Farage’s party then?

More than half of UKIP voters (42%) have admitted they are a “little prejudiced against people of other races”, a Sunday Times/YouGov poll has found.

Six percent also admitted that they “very prejudiced” against people of other races.

So basically, close to half of UKIP voters (48%) described themselves as having prejudices against other races.

However, 49% said they were not prejudiced at all.

Among other parties, 60% of Tories, 73% of Lib Dems and 72% of Labour supporters said were not prejudiced at all.

When asked if they have “some racist views”,  28% UKIP voters voted “yes” as compared to 22% Tories, 13% Labour supporters and 12% Lib Dems.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Q. Would you describe yourself as very prejudiced against people of other races, a little prejudiced, or not prejudiced at all?

Very prejudiced against people of other races

Conservative – 1%

Labour – 1%

Lib Dem – 0%

UKIP – 6%

A little prejudiced against people of other races

Conservative 36%

Labour – 22%  

Lib Dem – 27%

UKIP – 42%

Not prejudiced at all

Conservative – 60%

Labour – 72%

Lib Dem – 73%

UKIP – 49%

Q. Do you personally have views that you think are racist?

Yes, I have some views that are racist

Conservative –  22%

Labour – 13%

Lib Dem – 12%

UKIP 28%

No, I do not have any views that are racist

 Conservative – 68%

Labour – 78%

Lib Dem – 80%

UKIP 64%


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